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    Hello, I'm Misa.

    Misa Amsel

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    Hello, I'm Misa.

    Post by Misa Amsel on Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:31 am


    I'm obviously new here, and very awkward, so I decided to introduce myself.

    My name is Misa Amsel, and I never really believed in aliens, or all that space nonsense. Really, I've never believed in anything, other then that we were born to die sooner or later.

    I forgot to mention, I'm not very cheerful.

    Anywho, I started to slightly-key word slightly-believe in life beyond Earth after I saw quite a few people in Germany about to jump of of buildings because of these weird, reddish things when I was about, what, seven or eight? Either way, it was horrifying.

    I have been to America, their food isn't very good, and England, which I suppose was a bad time, since a huge Christmas star tried to destroy everyone with lighting bolts.

    It was a fun time.

    Well, that's all I feel like sharing. Nice to meet you; farewell!

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