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    Vera's entrance


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    Vera's entrance Empty Vera's entrance

    Post by Verdandie on Mon May 26, 2014 1:42 am

    Vera walks over to the bar and settles down at the end. She looks about for a mirror but finds the one behind the bar too blurred to do her much good. She is going to have to be careful. This was her last regen, she was not going to take chances. Too many of her lives had wasted in the blasted war. She was a scientist. She was never built for war. Not even in the time she had regen-ed into a male, she was never meant for battle.

    The bartender winks at her and slithers to her. "What can I get for you, Missy" there was a hungry look in his eyes and she could smell the liquor breath from where she sat.

    "Water, with a lemon in it" She looked around distractedly. Would she like water? Would she like lemons? She kept her eyes on the door. She was paranoid. What was she paranoid. is she a paranoid person? No, not paranoid, maybe cautious, expecting someone or something? Too many questions, she decided to put that aside for now.

    "Aw is that all? I could offer you a nice Akhaton Orbit? House special." he offered

    "No just the water please."

    The bartender looked away displeased but continued to smile to himself He looked to his co-worker and nodded to Vera. The co-worker looked at her and nodded back. Silent communication between the two and a decision was made. They got her the water and slipped in a drug that would knock her out. Someone that cute would fetch a nice price.

    The bartender gave her the water with extra lemon squeezed into it and even artfully balanced a lemon slice on the rim.

    Vera smiled and started to take a sip. Her extra perception kicked in and she noticed something didn't swirl right. She noticed the bartender looking at her with anticipation. Another vision of someone that sat in this spot having a drink. then being carried out by the bartender.

    She shook it off and got up leaving the drink untouched and exited the bar. She would not be a victim this day.

    She looked up and saw the crack she had fell through close above her. How many might have escaped? She had to know. That would be her mission. To find other Galifreyans that might have slipped through other cracks, perhaps those that did not join the fight for one reason or another. She wished to god that she hadn't left but it seemed Time had another destiny for her.
    (Character concept. It seems ludicrous that only the Daleks would have fell through cracks created by the "Time War")

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    Vera's entrance Empty Re: Vera's entrance

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    (yo is it cool I I could just be Jack Harkness ?)

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