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    Hello I'm Dorian winter.

    Dorian winter

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     Hello I'm Dorian winter. Empty Hello I'm Dorian winter.

    Post by Dorian winter on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:56 pm

    I have black hair sort of an eleven hair style and bright green eyes.

    one day I was on a class trip to the Tardis information center. Some one pushed me. I thought I was going to hit the doors of a strange in active black box shaped tardis. I wasn't that lucky, the doors opened , and the tardis had a humanish time lord form caught me, kidnapped me. so now I am currently in space with a talking tardis who is bent on mooning the king of the universe.

    I am naive, brilliant, over emotional. I have one ability of where I can steal some one esle's pain for a short while, but I will feel it. later in my story line I learn to give it away.

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