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    Planning sort of big rp.

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    Planning sort of big rp. Empty Planning sort of big rp.

    Post by Remus Rift Corrack on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:13 pm

    Hey so my rp is just slightly big.

    Scene :The planet Lyrilis
    Planet Description :It is basically a junk planet. A planet no one would think about, with rusted weapons, and armor of past wars. The sky is grey with clouds of ash and pollution, and the land filled with remains of old civilizations. With a temple in the center of a perfectly round, and vast lake, that creates what looks like an eye on the planet.
    Species :The only species is the thorn wraiths. Like the Greek sirens they lure lost warriors to there death. But they look through the ruins looking for energy still stained on anything they can find. They look somewhat plant like but beautiful in a way to where they stand out from the surroundings, but can camouflage in stone when frightened. They are ruthless, and travel alone. They will even kill their own family to be alone.

    Planning sort of big rp. Humanoid_plant_dryad.1

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