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All it takes is a couple of whovians in the TARDIS to form complete chaos and nothing but fun. So come along Ponds and let's go see the stars!

    Hello! Look forward to meeting yous!

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    Hello! Look forward to meeting yous!  Empty Hello! Look forward to meeting yous!

    Post by Canon Charas on Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:22 am

    I'm so sorry, but I really couldn't tell if this was OOC or not - looked like a bit of a mix. I'm D!

    I like to play Rose. I like to play WITH 9s and 10s, though I'm game for a solid 11-reunion, if it's well thought out, but there's 10too to deal with, in that case...

    I'm working on a Doctor and would absolutely love short sessions with feedback, for anyone interested!

    I'm open to playing WITH other characters, but I don't have a very solid feel for writing others, though I'm certainly willing and game, if you're forgiving. I love most of the Who family, and feel that at the very least I wouldn't embarrass any of them.

    And because every good Who story has villains and guest characters, I'm decent in thinking them up, though I generally need help coming up with the plot points! I can definitely contribute, but I can't carry a game alone (nor do I think one person should be expected to, unless that's their thing!).

    And I'll edit this whole post if it's the wrong thing to write, here! Sorry! Sorry! But if anyone is still around, PM me! I have it set to go to email.

    Looking forward to it!

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